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Security Documents / Printing Services

Cheque fraud will cost companies over $10 Billion this year. Bad cheques are entering the banking system each day. Colonial Business Products can help you defend against cheque fraud by securing your documents & minimizing your risk.

Security Threat: Duplication

Recent advances in high resolution colour copier technology have created an easy and accessible method for counterfeiting value documents. Accurate colour reproduction and detailed resolution now allow the duplication of even high quality offset lithography. Many value documents are printed on commonly available bond paper, easily used by today's copiers. Such copies are often indistinguishable from the original.

Void Backgrounds (Void appears when a cheque is copied)
Security Paper (A visible watermark in the paper is noticeable & cannot be duplicated)
Bleed Through Numbering (Ink from red numbers will bleed through the paper to the reverse side)
Thermochromic Ink (Colour changes when exposed to heat. Heat from a finger will verify the document is authentic)
Micro Printing (Small micro print that cannot be copied.)
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Security Threat: Forgery 

Many security documents such as cheques, gift certificates and car registrations contain values specified in writing, designated by and for certain individuals. Often this variable information is handwritten or laser overprinted with a wide variety of printing devices. 
Numerous chemicals are available that permit the alteration of this variable information, increasing the incidence of successful forgery.

Toner Fuse Paper (special paper locks the toner to the paper, preventing image removal & alteration)
Chemical Reactions (Stains appear on cheque if chemicals are used to remove or alter information on a cheque)
Warning Band (A notice on the cheque alerting handlers & warning criminals that safeguards are present)
Bleed through MICR (Ink flows through to the reverse side of the paper, making duplication difficult)

These features have the benefits of providing instant certification of authenticity and are well suited for cheques, gift certificates, coupons, licenses & other applications.

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